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Brought up in traditional south indian -Brahmin family,Astrologer sunil Joshi, is in this field from past 20 years.

He even tried to give all aspects of Hindu-Vaidic Life Science, to those people, who want to live life like a king size.

“Its my dream to realize Indian Spiritual Power and that should be easily available to those, who are suffering from lots of problems.”

" The reason for certain problem and remedies for the same, a simple task, but for that, I spent over 20 years of my life.”

“With ‘upasana’ as well as devotional approach to the case, I think success is far away because I firmly believe in the Indian tenets, which say that actions of our pastlives determine.”

“By the grace of "Tuljabhavani", i started to apply vaidic life science power on all those who wants to change their present lifestyle.” “All services regarding the subject, under one roof available like, Horoscope, Prediction, Matchmaking. List out the problems and their remedies, in remedies all segments are well developed like Vaidic shanti-karma-Vaidic Shraddhadhik karma, Vaidic Yagya-Yaag-Anusthan, Tantra Mantra pida niwaran,Yantra vidhya . Ratna Chikitsa-Gems and much more at the best quality as well as resounable rates.”

“All the people, who meet me earlier with their own problem, today they suggest others with strong recommendation, and I consider its as success. “All are invited-to experience divine world for the path of success.”

Astrologer Sunil Joshi is among the well known astrologers. He is known for his outright & frank predictions based on his/her horoscope. He provides free consultancy as he considers it as a social work under the guidance of Sai baba & Tuljabhavani. His customers consist of many prominent clients.

Astrologer Sunil Joshi can be consulted for Horoscope reading, Match-Making, Astrological Consultancy, Gem Therapy based on Horoscope.

Astrologer Sunil Joshi is a learned and renowned astrologer belonging to a renowned family of astrologers.

He provides astrological profile based upon your personal data like, birth date , time & place. Each report is easy to readable & understandable, written in easy everyday language English optionally we provide reports not only in Hindi but also in multi-language.

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