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Your Basic Life
  Basic life and Predictions for your Entire Family  

The family members, inter-linked by God's wish, have interlinked destiny. Sometimes a man gets a promotion in spite of the adverse planetary combinations in his horoscope. It is because at that time, his wife's chart or his sons chart has excellent planetary influences for him. On the negative side, sometimes there are tragedies and difficulties in spite of good periods. Hence the study of the entire family horoscopes gives the astrologer an excellent in-depth view. In this category you can order life predictions for one of the family members and report on any one particular aspect of life - like career, business, marriage etc. for the other family members. A typical example is life predictions for you, health of spouse, career of son and marriage of daughter. Total limit is 4 family members.

Along with the report, you will also get the remedial measures - if there are any negative planetary influences which are spoiling the good effects

In some cases detailed life predictions, family predictions and some complicated horoscope combinations may require deeper study and hence may take longer up to 2-3 sdays. All the predictions will be given by personally studying your natal chart. The study is based on the well known Parashara and Jaimini systems of Vedic astrology, taking into account the lagna, navamsa and the other varga charts, the shadbalas, the Vhimshottari dasas and the transits. All predictions will include remedial measures.

The astrology principles given by our ancient seers are 100% true but we astrologers have our limitations & are not 100% accurate - in spite of all our studies, experience and Poojas. Use astrology as an additional guide but don't ever totally depend on predictions.

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