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Know Your Career

  The following are some of the basics about how the planets influence your career as per your astrology signs - whether Sunsign, or Rasi or Lagna.

   Aries Career  
  As a dynamic and assertive Aries, you do well in professions that require willpower and self-confidence. Due to the Aries' extra boost of energy, physically demanding jobs are right for you. As the most competitive of all signs, you should always choose a profession, where you can measure yourself against others.

Ideal occupations would be mechanical engineering, careers in the military or police force, or professions that have to do with sports or the outdoors. Since you can find Arians wherever the action is, it is very common that they become firefighters, ambulance workers, or surgeons.

If you are an Aries woman, you are more drawn to male dominated professions. Since you are a very independent individual, it appeals to you to create your own business, or at least be the one who is in charge. You may not do well in professions that require patience, and attention to detail. Also, routine is a killer for you!

As an Aries man, you like action and you need to be challenged. A job that doesnt bear a certain amount of risk and adventure, doesnt interest you. Therefore, you would be perfect as a bodyguard, a marine, or a police inspector. You may have a problem with purely intellectual professions, or care professions.

Coworkers see you as cheerful and enthusiastic, and they admire your forcefulness when you put your mind to something. However, if you feel that someone tries to outsmart you, your competitiveness kicks in, and then they will learn how egocentric and stubborn you can be.

You are a wonderful and easygoing boss! You like to lead and care for you team. Your enthusiasm is contagious and this is motivation enough for your employees to respect and follow you.

The secret of your success is that you have goals, and no matter what it takes, you fight like a warrior to achieve it. You are determined and sure of yourself, and giving up is just not an option for you!

  Pisces Career
  As an intuitive and empathic Pisces, you have an awareness for the subtle undercurrents of human interactions, because you are able to absorb the ideas and mental outlook of those around you. Career wise, this opens several doors for you, if you can develop, control, and direct your psychic powers.

Ideal occupations would be care or healing professions, because you are able to extend compassion and tenderness to others, which initiates healing and relief. Therefore, you would be a great nurse, social worker, or counselor. Your strong imagination and creativity also make you a great artist, such as a poet, musician, sculptor, or dancer.

If you are a Pisces woman, you should use your holistic and introspective powers and work in a hospital or institution where you can take care of others. If that is not something that you want to do, choose a creative profession, since you are natural visionary, who brings archetypes and metaphors back into reality. Thus, you would enjoy being a graphic designer, scriptwriter, or songwriter.

As a Pisces man, you are very reflective and synthesizing. Your idealistic approach to life makes you someone who should really work with people. You may want to help prisoners, drug addicts, or alcoholics back on their feet. Or you may work in the field of science as a chemist, pharmacist, or anesthesiologist handling narcotics. You also have an attraction for water, therefore, shipping and boating professions would be something to cnsider.

Your coworkers think highly of you, because you are an unselfish, unpretentious, and inspirational member of the team. Your contributions to the team are creative, unusual, and very essential.

As a Pisces boss, you dont believe in having a tight grip on your team. You are tolerant and easy to please. However, sometimes you may give vague and unrealistic orders, which may lead to confusion. Once in a while, you can also come across like a martyr, who carries the entire burden yourself.

The secret of your success is your imagination and your empathy. If you find your niche, and can make use of those precious gifts, you can rise to great fame.
  Aquarius Career
  As a humane and unconventional Aquarius, you excel in professions that make use of your innovative and unique way approaching life. Rules dont bother your way of thinking, because you ignore them anyway. You rather attune to the universal will, which makes you quite a revolutionary individual.

There are a variety of occupations that would be right up your alley: for example being an inventor, an astrologer, a neurologist, a computer scientist, a pilot, a demolition expert, or a cartoonist.

If you are an Aquarius woman, you may not find your kind of occupation for a long time and switch from one profession to another. However, professions that allow you to be free and creative may be best for you, so at one point, you may consider working as a stewardess, do special effects for the film industry, or choose a profession that has to do with the occult.

As an Aquarius man, you may discover early on that you cant do a 9-to-5-job, and look for unique and unusual professions that give you the freedom you need. You may decide working as a freelancer and create your very own niche. Adventure, creativity, independence, need to be part of your career choice, otherwise you may not waste much time with it.

Coworkers admire your progressive and unique attitude. Your weird and peculiar outbursts may confuse them at times, but they still find your erratic and bizarre attitude refreshing.

You are a friendly and humane boss, but sometimes you can seem detached and impersonal. You change from being tolerant to being stubborn, which proofs that you are the most unpredictable sign of the zodiac.

The secret of your success is that you break out of conventional thought patterns, and are able to discover new, workable paths. You are idealistic and resourceful and could take part in creating the future technology of this planet.

  Capricorn Career
  As a reliable and persistent Capricorn, you love law and order and are dogmatic in your opinion that a rule is a rule and an order is an order. You have great faith in your powers, and are able to work hard to achieve your goals. Your work style is neat and methodical, and you strive for precision.

You make an excellent executive in whatever field you choose. You dont like to be dependent on others, and rather take the scepter into your own hand. You also prefer long-term positions, since you are reluctant to change. Ideal fields would be law, education, history, science, architecture, and construction, and archeology or geology.

If you are a Capricorn woman, you like positions where you can apply your practicality and your thoroughness. You are not threatened by projects that may take a lifetime to complete, because you have the patience and endurance to accomplish it. For example, digging out a Mayan city with a teaspoon sounds exciting to you.

As a Capricorn man, you tend to choose rather conservative occupations that give you authority, status and security. It is likely that you work in a profession that does not expose you to too many people, because you prefer to only work with selected individuals.

Your Coworkers admire your discipline and your diligence. However, sometimes they may wish you would be less serious, tedious, and repressing.

Your qualities as a boss lie in your managerial skills, your fatherly attitude, and your patience. Once in a while, you may have the tendency to be inaccessible and insensitive toward the people you work with, and should try to open up more.

The secret of your success is definitely your amazing amount of commitment, patience, and staying power. You never falter and give up! You are the one who succeeds in the end, while others have dropped out long time ago.
   Sagittarius Career  
  As a far-sighted and truth-seeking Sagittarius, you are concerned with the well-being of society. You feel at home with abstract ideas, principles, and beliefs. Open-minded and future oriented, liberty and freedom are important to you.

Professions that allow you to explore and expand “ physically and intellectually - are perfect for you. Therefore, you may like careers that allow you to work in other countries, or at least travel to distant places. Working for a university, a church, or other institutions that fight for a cause, may also appeal to you.

In case you are a Sagittarian woman, you could find professions in the tourism industry interesting, and may enjoy working for a travel agent, an airline, or a hotel chain.

If you are a male Sagittarius, your principled and ethical nature may cause you to choose a legal profession, in the fields of commercial or business law, civil law, or fair trading law. Due to your cosmopolitan nature, you would make an excellent diplomat, who works in an embassy in another country.

Among your coworkers, you are known for being optimistic and philosophical in your approach of life. They know that they can count on your honesty and that you stick to your promises. However, once in a while they may get annoyed by your hypocritical statements.

You are a great boss and know how to lead a team! You plan ahead wisely and are very goal oriented. You have the gift to inspire and encourage your team, and let them work independently.

The secret of your success is your energetic and outgoing nature, which allows you to achieve your goals through the power of positive thinking.
   Scorpio Career  
  As a forceful and enigmatic Scorpio, you do well in all kind of professions that allow you to investigate the nature of things. You are attracted to everything that is complex, mysterious, and even abnormal.

Your quest for depth and secrecy lets you excel in professions involving detection, science, research, and occult investigations. Therefore, you may like working as a chemist, pharmacist, radiologist, pathologist, spy or detective, or as a political activist. However, your interest in alternative medicine and spirituality may also influence you in your career choice.

As a Scorpio woman, you may decide to become a modern witch,¯ and use your profound insight and healing powers to help others explore their own depth by bringing body, mind, and soul together. You may prefer sticking to the more traditional healing methods, and become a medical doctor in the fields of gynecology, urology, or psychology.

As a Scorpio man, you may feel like making a difference in this world, and use your strategic talents to get involved in politics. Youhave got the charisma and power to find enough followers, if thats what you want. However, your fascination about criminology or espionage may lead you to choose a profession in that field.

Coworkers see you as passionate and courageous. They admire your staying power and your discipline, and know better to not mess with you.

Your qualities as a boss can be described as loyal, responsible, and stoical. You can get very obsessive and extreme if you work on a project, and expect others to feel the same way. Your team is definitely sitting on explosive material with you!

The secret of your success is your incredible will power and the physical strength you have at your disposal when you put your mind to something. Your resourcefulness and endurance is unbeatable!
   Libra Career  
  As a diplomatic and peace-loving Libra, all matters pertaining to psychology and human relations interest you. You need people around you in order to develop, grow and be fulfilled.

Due to your strong sense of justice, legal professions are ideal for you. You also make a great mediator, because you like to see yourself as a peacemaker, and you enjoy helping people with their personal problems. Other professions in which you can be successful are public relations, the performing arts, music, and all kinds of partnerships that need close cooperation.

If you are a Libra woman, you want to make use of your charm and grace in expression; therefore, a representative position that brings you together with all kinds of people would be ideal. You make a wonderful psychotherapist, or a human resources manager, since you are able to analyze problems and you can see others in their true light. Helping and supporting people who turn to you for guidance, gives you pleasure and joy.

As a Libra man, you are concerned about whats right and wrong, and you strive to create a balance within and around you. This makes you the perfect judge, because you have the ability to detach yourself from situations, and see things in an impartial way. Due to your great people skills, you are also a great coach or agent for artists, or even become an entertainer yourself.

Coworkers often turn to you for advice. You are known as the cooperative, tactful, and fair colleague, who always spreads good vibes.

As a boss, you are very concerned about the well-being of your team members. You are not someone how sets up a hierarchy, instead, you are first among equals. However, in your effort to please everyone, you may sometimes have the tendency to be indecisive and contradictory.

The secret of your success is your power of objectivity and synthesis, combined with your people skills, because it enables you to control and manipulate the dynamics of individuals and groups.
  Virgo Career
  Being a Virgo, you approach work systematically. Professions that allow you to analyze and examine their deeper meaning fascinate you. You are very detail-oriented and enjoy precision and accuracy, which makes you the most thorough and meticulous sign of the zodiac.

Therefore, it doesnt come as a surprise that natural science is the field in which you succeed. As a natural researcher, you have the patience and endurance to search as long as it takes until youve got the answers you need. At the same time, you are good with numbers and math, which opens other doors for you as well. As a Virgo, you also find health related professions very appealing, and may decide on a career where you can apply all your gifts at the same time.

If you are a Virgo woman, you may choose a pedagogic profession, as a teacher or professor in a certain scientific field. However, you may also decide that the financial world fascinates you more, and you venture to become a financial analyst, a tax consultant, or a corporate lawyer.

As a Virgo man, you like to work methodically, and enjoy professions where precision is called for. You may choose to become a dentist, an engineer, or a medical doctor. Since numbers also intrigue you, you could choose a profession in math, physics, or finance.

Coworkers admire and value your concentration on the job. They come to you for verification and confirmation, because they know they can trust your keen eye and your analytic mind. You also have a great sense of humor, which can be anything from bold to dry, which makes you a very unique member of every team.

You are a difficult and hard-to-please boss, though, because due to your nature, you raise the quality standard. You expect first class, error-free work. Your tolerance for mistakes is very low; therefore, you can be seen as a rather pedantic boss. However, most of the time you know how to put humor into your criticism, which makes you human and approachable.

The secret of your success is “ beyond doubt “ your precision, your endurance, as well as your reasonable approach on things.

   Leo Career  
  As a self-confident and creative Leo, you need to have an audience. Since a certain status and reputation is important to you, you need acknowledgment and respect. At the same time, you have the desire to be creative and self-sufficient.

Your ideal profession needs to provide you with a certain fame and recognition, therefore, the entertainment industry would be exactly your stomping ground. You would be excellent as an actor, show master, singer, dancer, or comedian. If you choose a corporate environment, you probably aim for a representative position in the top-level management.

As a Leo woman, you can use your charisma to your advantage. You win people over in no time, and you would do well in any kind of business where you need to find new clients or customers for your company. Therefore, jobs in sales, marketing, or consulting would be excellent for you.

If you are a male Leo, you like professions where you can be the one in charge, who organizes and leads the team. Project-oriented professions that require creativity are perfect for you, because your main motivation is to get the credit and applause in the end.

Your coworkers value your straightforward and generous attitude, and like your enthusiastic and strong-willed nature. Even though you can be quite arrogant and vain sometimes, you are overall a fun person to work with.

You are a picture-perfect boss and aim to be a role model for your team. Usually you are calm and patient with your employees, and tolerate their individual working styles. However, if you notice that someone takes advantage of your liberal leadership, you can turn into quite a tyrant.

The secret of your success is definitely your charismatic appearance that leaves a lasting impression on others. People are taken by your impressive performances and value your honesty and generosity.

  Cancer Career
  As a sensitive and compassionate Cancer, you do well in all kinds of care professions. You are very intuitive and nurturing, which makes you the most social, kindhearted, and compassionate sign of the zodiac.

To make use of this unique gift you may decide becoming a psychologist, a social worker, or a nurse. But even professions that provide pleasure are ideal for you, and you may enjoy working as a body worker in a spa, as a waiter in a little neighborhood restaurant, or as a skipper on a cruise ship.

If you are a Cancer woman, you could make use of your protective,motherly¯ instinct and decide to become a kindergarten teacher, or a midwife. Since you like to create not only a safe, but also a beautiful environment, you would also enjoy working as a home decorator or a florist.

If you are a male Cancer, you also like the deep connection with people, you may decide to become a psychotherapist, a consultant for married couples, or a teacher. If you have kids, it is also not unusual that Cancer men decide to stay home to become a full-time father.

Generally, your coworkers see you as warm, compassionate and supportive. In arguments you tend to take things too personal, and your coworkers may wish you would be more objective and realistic. However, when things get heated at the job, they appreciate your peacemaker traits.

As a boss you are very loyal and protective of your team. You try to help and support them where you can. However, since you are a very emotional being, you may have extreme mood swings.

The secret of your success is your intuition and imagination. You are able to create an atmosphere of safety and comfort, which is a gift that is very valuable, especially for the people who are in need for it.
   Gemini Career  
  As an intellectual and versatile Gemini, you do well in careers that deal with the processing and distribution of information and knowledge. You are witty and articulate, which makes you the most communicative sign of the zodiac.

Therefore, you will probably choose an occupation in the field of media, entertainment, publishing, or education. All careers that allow you to interact with a multitude of different people, and expose you to all kinds of topics would be fulfilling.

As a Gemini woman, you are very interested in the written and spoken word, and always know whats going on around you. You have the gift of discovering the essence of things, and find the right words to explain it to others. This makes you the perfect teacher, journalist, translator, or author. Professions that dont challenge you intellectually would not appeal to you.

If you are a male Gemini, you are drawn to professions that allow you to express your opinions, expose you to a lot of different people, and allow you to stay flexible and open-minded. You need to have mental freedom, and a working environment that is rigid or conventional would seem like hell to you. So, working as a reporter, or as a producer for a television or radio station would be right up your alley.

Your coworkers see you as the lively, curious and competent colleague, who is always one step ahead of them, because your thoughts are lightning fast. Since you spit out one idea after another, they know that they can always rely on you when an idea or quick solution is needed.

As a boss you value team members that are independent and flexible, and are able to focus on whats essential. If you are happy with your team, you are a tolerant and easygoing boss.

The secret of your success is your alertness, and your ability to act quickly, no matter what the circumstances are. Your sharpness and your eloquence are unbeatable!

  Taurus Career
  As a reliable and sensual Taurus, you are attracted to careers that have to do with money and finances, as well as with aesthetic and extravagant things.

Suitable occupations would be building or selling real estate, or working as a broker or financial advisor, since you are aware of the current and the future value of things. On the other side, you may also choose a profession as an interior designer, jeweler, or antique dealer, because you have such an appreciation and distinct sense for beauty and luxury.

As a Taurus woman, you are good in consulting others in how they can improve their finances, their home and garden, as well as their own appearance. Any profession that deals with things that feel and look good are perfect for you. Professions in which you make your hands dirty, or deal with distasteful and repulsive things are not for you!

If you are a male Taurus, you like professions in which you can apply your rational, efficient, and thorough work style. Since materialistic things are important to you, you like to work in careers that deal with either money or other precious things. Since you dislike change, long-term positions - where you can be the decision maker - are great for you!

Your coworkers see you as loyal and extremely responsible member of their team. They know that you would never let them down. Sometimes however, they may wish that you would be a bit more flexible, and less stubborn.

As a boss you give precise orders, plan ahead realistically, and keep a calm and levelheaded attitude even in times of stress.

The secret of your success is your patience and your objectivity. You just know when to have fun and when it is time to focus on your job, and once you focus, nothing can distract you.

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