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Know Your Child
  One of the most difficult and important tasks of parents is understanding their children. Astrology can be a big help in this area. The following are some of the basic characteristics of children as per their astrology signs - whether Sunsign, or Rasi or Lagna.  

Aries Child


  Aries children have energy in abundance, are usually strong, active, and enthusiastic. You better be physically in great shape to keep up with the little Ram. They seem to never get tired and after a day full of physical activity, the Aries child keeps going while you might gasp for air. Being curious and adventurous, little Arians want to know everything, explore, and investigate. Without fear they venture into new territory all the time, be it a high tree, a playground, or a year abroad. They love challenges, so offering them opportunities to compete either in sports or at play or in school keeps them from being bored too quickly. Aries children need a lot of watching, especially when they are very young, as they can also be quite stubborn and won't accept a "No" easily. Resisting control, they need to know who is in charge, as they are very determined to do everything their very own way. Although young Arians can be quite sweet and affectionate one minute, they can be challenging and angry the next. They need a lot of reassurance, attention, and need to know they are loved. Being ruled by Mars, it is no wonder that they can display a hot temper but they can forget it as quickly as it came. As natural born leaders, Aries children will take the lead in their group, be it at school, or college, or in their circle of friends. However, it can be difficult for them to lose and as difficult to learn how to share and that they cannot win every game. Young Arians are a delight to be around, and they will certainly never bore you! Your favorite moments will be when you can jump into their fantasyland with them and get swept away by their courageous lead into the unknown. They have an untamed spirit that is always ready for adventure!  
  Pisces Child  
  Pisces is a water sign and babies born under this sign have a powerful emotional nature. Over time, you will develop a relationship with your little Pisces and become aware of subtle sensitivities that you can't exactly decipher in an infant. At the beginning of a Piscean life, there could be traces of past lives that the child is facing internally. Lots of soothing comfort, reliable emotional availability, and regular feeding and sleeping schedules are especially appropriate for Pisces infants! As Pisces children reach the toddler years, tears may be a regular expression of a very sensitive emotional nature. Help them learn the vocabulary to express their emotions so that they can move through difficult scenes with increasing dignity and self-assurance. You may not have as emotional a nature as your child, but with a little effort you will find you are able to offer powerful vocabulary and insight to him or her. Apart from the teary moments, you may find that little Pisces is as placid and reflective as a lake. There is a deep spirituality about Pisces that can manifest in uncommon wisdom or a highly attuned capacity for compassion. Pisceans are naturally aware of their spiritual natures and you may want to encourage music or poetry in them. Of course it is up to your young Pisces to indicate where their interests lie. Your little Pisces will amaze you with their sense of beauty and grace. You may become a more sensitive person through knowing them and learning from their deeply emotional nature. Words may not always suffice for communication with Pisceans: they may easily take up an art form to express themselves. You must be prepared to communicate in ways other than words!  
  Aquarius Child  

Your Aquarian child will show remarkable alertness as an infant and toddler. The attribute common to most Aquarians is a love of learning. Their astonishing ability to grasp concepts will put your child ahead of peers in the early years. You are likely to hear "oh, what a bright child!" time and again. However, there is a tendency to overlook details and skip the mundane aspects of learning. Eventually, you will need to help your child slow down and complete the necessary steps in order to shine consistently and with deep inner satisfaction. Reading is a great way to build the relationship you want to have with an Aquarian child. There is all the imaginative fun of reading, wherein your child can experience the delight of fantasy, which Aquarius is particularly able to focus on. There is also the practical matter of understanding each word as it appears in a sentence, which requires patience and persistence. If you are there to help your child learn to read, your role as a disciplinarian will be better accepted in later years. Aquarian children are naturally popular with others because they are such good and loyal friends. They may display an ability to mediate other children's disagreements and thus gain a reputation for being intelligent and fair. A feeling of superiority may overcome your little Aquarius when faced with peers who are not as gifted in the social arena. Help them develop the personal boundaries to be able to move on with their own ideas and projects without criticizing or patronizing peers who can't keep up! You are blessed with a freedom-loving child. Give your Aquarians the independence they naturally crave and you are likely to find them coming to you for reassurance and affection. Limit their freedom and they will find ways to escape the confines of your affections to get the space this Air sign needs to feel well and succeed.

  Capricorn Child  

The Capricorn child may be born looking like an old soul. This physical attribute will shift as the baby finds its childhood bearing, but the presence of an "old soul" will be apparent throughout life. There is a serious nature about Capricorn and a great determination to succeed. This personality trait will be become apparent as the child learns to walk and take care of its own basic needs (dressing, potty training, etc.). Parents may find this impressive focus "adorable," but it is important not to minimize the seriousness Capricorn children bring to these tasks. They tend to set ambitious goals and meet them when they are encouraged to be true to themselves. Capricorns may have pronounced foreheads and remarkable eyes. As children, they do not readily participate in frivolous games and activities, preferring to learn and apply their knowledge to acquire greater skill. Games like chess may be preferred. Capricorn children will treasure the parent who teaches them practical skills. There is also a great respect for manner and tradition in this personality. Your child may show an interest in older cultures such as Japan, China, and even Europe. Exposure to these cultures through fairytales, children's books, and videos will be a delight for your young Capricorn. Capricorn children may feel extremely empathic when forming relationships with peers although they may not always have the words to express the deep emotions they experience. Your support in connecting emotions with language will be vital to their development. Foundation and structure is essential to this sign. Young Capricorns will be conscious of their foundation from a young age. The best way to show your respect for your Capricorn child is through regularity and dependability.

  Sagittarius Child  
  A fire sign with tremendous zeal for life, your little Sagittarius will radiate with delight to be alive. Represented by the centaur that has four feet firmly planted on the ground and the aim of a superior archer, these personalities know what they want and won't stop until they get it! Theirs is a vivacious and fun-loving sign.
There is a quality about Sagittarians that seems to discard troubles "like water off a duck's back." This sign can have a handful of lessons before and during the teenage years that chart the course for the rest of life's journey. Sagittarians are very quick at studying and they will not misfire twice in the same way. These "misfires" - be they troubles with friends or challenges at school - sink deep into the Sagittarian consciousness. Your young one may need some help gaining perspective after these perceived failures but once that's over, there is no looking back!
There is an outstanding amount of energy in this sign! Sagittarians may stand out from the rest of their peers because of their high energy. Look for athletic ability, passion for hobbies and keen intelligence. If you have other children, this may be the one whom you depend on to be the "easy" or "responsible" one. However, just when you think you can rely on your young Sagittarius to act one way, they will turn and shoot their arrow in a completely unsuspected direction - and hit the bull's eye!
The best way to support your Sagittarians is to explain clearly where you stand in your own life. Knowing where you are and how you feel about things will give them the balance they need to shoot their own arrows with a steady hand in the direction they wish to go.
  Scorpio Child  
  The Scorpio child is full of mystery and beauty. This child will demonstrate remarkable sensitivity to others, beginning with infancy. You will be amazed by the attachment you feel to this child! More than any other sign, Scorpio is capable of feeling and expressing need, the proverbial still water that runs deep.
The passionate nature of Scorpio is known the world over and this sign is well adapted to expressing intense emotion. Artists and writers are very often Scorpios, as are actors and musicians. The inner depth of this sign is unfathomable, and if you help Scorpio children sort through their powerful emotions you will find yourself in the presence of striking and compelling personalities who give much more than they receive.
The younger years are calm given Scorpio's reputation. In fact, Scorpio loves to be a child. This is because there is so much to absorb and learn about the world, and so much love to soak in from parents and family. Scorpio's need for love cannot be overestimated, and you would be wise to show your love through taking the young Scorpio to museums, plays, bookstores, parks, and anything else that will capture their interest. To give a Scorpio something to explore is to give them a lifetime of satisfaction.
Other children may not be as passionate as yours, and therefore your Scorpio child may relate more easily to adults who have already found their passion in life. These relationships may be of great value to them long-term, although strict boundaries must be observed so that they can retreat to their own peer group whenever they feel like "just being a kid" with no explanation necessary!
  Libra Child  
  Libra is an Air sign represented by the balancing scales, which are also used to signify justice. This sign is related to the planet Venus, and takes special delight in all things beautiful, including music, design, architecture, and fair relationships.
Children born under this sign will favor harmony and order. The bodily organs associated with Libra are the kidneys. Kidneys purify our blood, which is akin to how Libra takes pleasure in pure things. What is necessary in life can also be made beautiful, according to Libra. Librans gravitate to symmetrical beauty (again, note the kidneys).
Do not be surprised if Libra children are neat and orderly! Early in life they will heed your words about keeping their room tidy, but do not expect this kind of obedience in every facet of their upbringing! They may find their own ideas much more interesting than yours, so you will also find yourself having stimulating conversations with children of this sign. In fact, Libra is the sign associated with the law. Not necessarily lawyers one sees on TV, but the law itself: a pure set of ideas created for the purpose of maintaining harmony for humanity. Libra is a noble and high-minded sign.
Nothing will upset Libra children more than unfairness. Whether this is encountered on the playground with peers or at home with siblings, you will know their bitter reaction to being treated unfairly, or even witnessing a lack of fairness. It may be necessary to explain at an early age the hard truth that life is full of injustices. Libra prefers black and white. Hopefully you can be the one to gently help your young Libra understand that sometimes the truth lies in the gray area of emotion, and begin to help them cope with that by establishing what fair relationships are about.
  Virgo Child  
  The little Virgo is gentle, caring, diligent, rule abiding for the most part, and often shy, especially with strangers. As an infant, this baby may have issues with the digestive tract (the part of the body associated with Virgo). The baby's metabolism may announce itself by functioning very well, or by needing some help getting rid of gas after a feeding. Either way, digestion is a physical function to nurture in your infant.
As little Virgos are alert, love to learn, and are excellent mimics, they learn all about their surroundings in a very short time, often just by imitating adults. Quite often they are early talkers and readers. They want to know all the facts, get frustrated when they forget something they have learned. Virgos need a lot of encouragement, compliments, and affection to strengthen their self-confidence. They definitely don't like to be teased. Virgos can be fussy about food and may need to be educated about a healthy balance in their diet.
An interest in keeping pets happy stems from Virgo's interest in healing. Born under an earth sign, Virgo children tend to be aware of life and death at an early age. When your child expresses an interest in these issues (asking about a dead animal on the highway) they are expressing their internal sensitivity. Learning to express these sensitivities and receiving validation is important for the caring, gentle Virgo soul.
"Service-oriented," or pleasing others are traits easily detected already in the little Virgo. They may enjoy work for the sake of it, like helping at home, and working "for" other children may be considered fun. Of course this may concern you as a parent. With a watchful eye, help them express their industrious nature and, without overlooking the joy they get from cooperation and teamwork, encourage them to use their imagination to play make-believe or daydream, thus creating an intensely memorable childhood.
  Leo Child  
  Leo children are rays of light - playful, willing to be the center of attention, always ready to put on a show. This child is highly entertaining and able to assess the presence of an audience with surprising sophistication. In infants you may notice his showmanship just by their alert and pleasant nature, like stars ready to go onstage. There is warmth and charm about little Leos. As the baby grows into a toddler, there will be a marked agility with the body, a natural athleticism, good balance, and physical features such as a wide brow or a big head of hair.
Leo children are natural stars and may need a little help when it comes to fitting in with their peer group. They are naturally popular, but may have issues when it's not their turn with a toy or game, or simply not their turn to shine. Rebuffs or accidental slights might be taken as deep insults. Imagine a cat getting water poured on its fur! At these junctures, help your little Leo understand that they are not the target of ridicule, even though they feel terribly humiliated because it means so much to them to be loved, adored, even worshipped! Remember, many actors, rock stars, and politicians are Leos, so you have a big personality on your hands!
Leo is a fire sign and thus warm, affectionate and sexually uninhibited. Encourage your child's free expression with the body, maybe introducing dance lessons when he or she is ready. Some kind of physical exercise that channels all that fiery exuberance is recommended, lest the energy be repressed or express itself in unproductive ways. Be the parent who gently reminds your son or daughter about boundaries and limits, their own and other people's, so that you are a trusted source of support, not a critical judge.
  Cancer Child  
  A Cancer child can be independent from a young age, often playing alone for hours and inventing invisible playmates. Cancer babies are fascinated by colors and pictures, and they love the different tastes of delicious foods and drinks. Cancer children need to be hugged and loved and they thrive when encouraged. A Cancer baby will change moods frequently and will withdraw themselves if they suffer any kind of rejection. Young Cancer children are quite capable of using tears to get what they want and Cancer babies have a reputation for crying a lot.
However, Cancerians are delightful and fascinating children whose changing moods are shown on their faces. They are imaginative and will thrive when given a lot of warmth and attention. Your Cancer child will be easy to manage and discipline and will be well-mannered. Most Cancerians prefer to be the leader rather than to follow.
When raising a Cancer child you will need to give constant reassurance when she is fearful, which is likely to be often. These children are very sensitive to emotional hurts and rejections and will need your support to ensure that they do not feel unloved. The danger is that they may withdraw into themselves for self-protection.
You should encourage your child to express emotions in poetry, painting, music, acting or any other creative activity. Parents will need to find a compromise between being too firm and spoiling your child.
Cancerians are unlikely to complain when they are ill. Typical illnesses involve the upper digestive track - the stomach.
  Gemini Child  
  Gemini children are generally quick-witted and verbal. The Gemini infant will recognize colors, sounds, and other methods of communication. Your little Gemini will be interested in hearing themselves speak, so be prepared for some chatty times! It's possible to nudge this gift of language into other forms such as song (singing is sometimes more pleasant than chatter) or memorization (learning poems or speeches can be educational and more interesting for a parent!)
Due to their element being Air, Geminis are interested in mental activities of all kinds. Games are a great way to exercise mental functions with children. Fairness is a big point for Gemini children - rules are sacrosanct for them. If you can explain the rules effectively (which of course involves repetition), Geminis will stick to them loyally. However, the love of rules can also lead Gemini children to feel they can make up their own! So watch out for problems with understanding "who's the boss," (but, generally speaking, this is a matter of understanding not deep-seated rebelliousness).
You may feel that you are aware of your child's development yet, the next day you feel as though you have a completely different child on your hands! This is not a "split-personality" sign, as uninformed definitions would have it. There is simply a certain structure within Gemini that leads to coping mechanisms that puzzle people at times. Be the confidante your children need. When there is a gap in understanding Geminis' behavior, you are probably up against their subconscious. Geminis tend to "hide" parts of the truth that are difficult to deal with, and these segments of experience manifest in surprising ways. Do not punish your child when you are surprised. Rather, help them to see why they were afraid or frustrated.
  Taurus Child  
  Children born under the sign of the bull are calm and pleasant, consistent and practical. Being cuddly and affectionate, Taurus children enjoy physical contact. Endowed with a gentle nature, they can nevertheless be extremely stubborn.
Taurus is ruled by Venus - the planet of love and beauty - and Taurus can be seen as the most sensuous of the signs. The little ones are sensitive to colors and sounds and to a harmonious environment; they care about what they eat and wear and appreciate the finer things in life from early childhood on.
Taurus children won't be bullied into anything they don't want to do. If they feel forced they turn stubborn and won't give in to anything and anybody and will always hold their ground.
Most Taurus children are likely to have a naturally beautiful singing voice and a very melodic way of speaking. They should be encouraged to take part in any musical activity offered, be it singing in a choir or learning to play an instrument.
Collections and possessions are rather important to Taurus children and they love toys and things they can collect. They even like to take on little chores for money and save what they earn. They can become little money makers at a very early age.
Taurus children are extremely loving and sensitive. Physical signs of affection are especially important, and they enjoy receiving huge bear hugs from an early age. Taurus' are strong, and they will learn to make the best huggers in the world.
In general, your child is loving, generous, tender, sensitive, and for the most part, well behaved. Just make sure you don't push him too hard or force him into anything he doesn't want to do. He will process things on his own time.
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