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Love & Romance
  Love and Romance in your life  

The liberal meeting opportunities permitted by the modern progressive society are like a double edged sword which cuts both ways. On one hand the free meeting of the sexes leads to better understanding and happiness but on the other hand there are the disappointments. A happy meeting can be a thing to cherish for life but a wrong step can lead to a broken heart. There are hopes and aspirations on one hand but the fears and phobias are not far away. The interest to take the plunge is there but the fear of the unknown is also there. And yet, nothing makes the heart beat faster than the prospect of love and romance!

What do the stars in your horoscope have in store for you in this important area of life? Will you have a happy and romantic life or will there be too many disappointments? Will you be devoted to your soul mate or will you be a flirt?
Based on the planetary combinations in your chart, your dasa, antardasa and the transits of jupiter & saturn, it is possible to analise the nature and future of your love life. The good & bad periods and the pleasures and pitfalls will be predicted along with the necessary remedial measures.

In some cases detailed life predictions, family predictions and some complicated horoscope combinations may require deeper study and hence may take longer - up to 2-3 days. All the predictions will be given by personally studying your natal chart. The study is based on the well known Parashara and Jaimini systems of Vedic astrology, taking into account the lagna, navamsa and the other varga charts, the shadbalas, the Vhimshottari dasas and the transits. All predictions will include remedial measures.

The astrology principles given by our ancient seers are 100% true but we astrologers have our limitations & are not 100% accurate - in spite of all our studies, experience and Poojas. Use astrology as an additional guide but don't ever totally depend on predictions.

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